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  1. bitch you are a bum hoe having to fuck to make your money get real you aint never going to be know body the world is seeing what your really about an know one is this world would be a fan of a nasty hoe an a home wrecker get the fuck outta here you had to fuck to get your name out there

    • STOP HATING!!!!! if she wanna do what she she does best who the FUCK are you 2 judge her get a life u dumb bitch and let the girl do her thang. u just mad kuz you a doing what she can do. keep hatin’ bkuz your a sad ass bitch that wanna be her.. do your thang Joseline and let these bitches hate. luv ya girl.

    • Naw he just seen a dime and grab it stop hating on her that man chosen her I like joseline’s she’s young and has a lot of ambitious and she is beautiful we all as woman have to live and learn love is blind Stevie j was not married to mimi for a reason he haven’t found that some one who make him complete maybe it’s joseline’s! that’s mimi fault she dated this man for 15 yr if I’m not mistaken and no ring if he loved her in that way and wanted to holed her down and wife her best believe mimi would have been his wife a long time ago.

      • I have never seen so many haters in my life!!! Jealous ugly fat broads who say that this absolutely gorgeous lovely female is a man is certainly out f their mind!!! This chick is so bad it is ridiculous, she has a banging body and the sexy eyes in the game and all you haters and jealous freaks need to quit hatin, it ain’t a good look. and to jenn hoe or whatever your name is i dare you to put a picture on the site, i know for a fact you’re a bugger bear and don’t nobody want you at all. hahahahahaha!

        • Joseline make dat damn show worth watchin huh an stevie j she doin huh thang an gettin paid ta do it so it is wat it is she da baddest bitch on ther hands down..

    • So many women out there fuck for free and all they get is STD. Joselynn fucked the right nigga and yeah to some she’s a whore but I say she game tight. Its grimey out there and everyone got a hustle shiiiiit I respect the game.

    • Um…..There is a big difference between being a stripper and a whore. She is a hustler, doing what she has to do to survive. You cannot judge her unless you have walked in her shoes. The home wrecker thing wasn’t all her……it was Stevie’s hoe ass fault too, I agree it was wrong but we all fuck up in life. Live and let live.

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  3. This yo Gurl Javonda a.K.a.Butta Anyway i just wanna say niggas and hoes need to get off my gurl Joseline just cause she do wat she dose shit thats her life cause not one of yall payin her bills. So wat if Stevie J goin with her thats they game. Just like a niggas do a BITCH can do tha same. SO to all them tried ass hater go somewhere and cool the fuck down cause my gurl JOSELINE just gettin started.

    • Hello!!!!! I heard that!!! Raise up off of Joseline HATERZZZZZ!!! Because that is basically what you have to be not to like Joseline. Real recognizes real and she is as real as it gets…you see Stevie isn’t backing down and he won’t, especially since she told him “he can have it all if he wants to threaten to take it everytime he gets mad” and when she told him “I don’t want you anymore…goodbye.” Yeah that face changed and that jaw clenched when she said that. Those ain’t the words of a homewrecker. Those are the words of a bossette. Better know one when you see one or else you ain’t one and will never be one. Where are my bossettes at???? Joseline, when the hell are you coming to the H-town???!!!! I’m at that…wherever because I am sure it will be live, and that’s coming from someone who don’t even go out. I’m waiting for that weekend though!!!!

  4. No matter what her past was like she deserves better~wish I was fortunate & had my way… TripleB'z

  5. What's so Good Bout her now…it hasn't change…she Sleeping with someone elses man to Make it in life, she live like she can't make it with a man…ill have go back to striping…no you don't get a Damn Job..she has many choices…she has no class and need to stay in her place…..a quiet side hoe….

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  7. Hey Joseline,

    I am a red-bloodied male who considers himself one of your biggest fans;
    I simply can’t get enough of you, and the long wait between new episodes
    of Love and Hiphop is torturous. Watching you makes my blood boil and my temperature rise. Please don’t believe any of that negative crap
    that some haters are saying about you. The fact is that most men are attracted to you, and therefore most women are envious of you. Keep doing what you do and keep your eyes on the prize($). By the way, I think you have outgrown Stevie J; you have eclipsed him and it is time for you to move on to the next level. Time is of the essence and you have to make your move while the spotlight is on you. If you hang with Stevie J too long, he will bring you down; please be smart enough to know when a tool has outlived it’s usefulness. You have enough star-power to be the captain of your own ship. I wish you the best of everything, and I can’t wait to see you again on TV or the web, and in the magazines or tabloids.

  8. Has everyone forgotten that Stevie J HAS BEEN MARRIED SINCE HE MET MIMI! And Whoopi denies that but we all know dayum well he propsed to Goldberg's daughter in 2005 I beleive it was. I agree with Ms. Crystal Coleman. I love Joseline because she doesn't give a dayum. She is herself no matter who likes it. That bitch has a body and she works for it. Fake tits, fake butt and all, she is still beautiful. She is not a homewrecker because there was NO HOME. Guys, on the last episode MIMI def said that when she "found out where Stevie lived so I [MIMI] am going to take him his shiznit." What happy home is that when she doesn't even know where Stevie lives. She obviously knows he is doing his thang. Oh well, we cannot fault MIMI. She is also a beautiful girl and she is grown, but she is not a victim. You can't be a victim when a man has made it that clear that he wants to play. So, everybody needs to get up off of Joseline, because if it isn't her it will be somebody else so why in the hell should she miss out? That would be stupid, and for a woman who has dayum near raised herself, she is too smart not to be an opportunist. Let Stevie come this way. I'm a lawyer that cannot sing a tune, but ya'll will think I'm kin to Beyonce cause I'm getting plastic surgery and coming out with an album!

  9. you go girl dont let nobody play you and dont listen to the people talk with GOD and do the things right no dejes que nadie te humille

  10. she is not a man she just fuked around wit a man who has a wife and kids and she just dont care. the show can make u or break u .she make latinas look so bad its crazy , when she watches the show maybe she would be like wow now i c y . but joseline baby girl ur attitude stinks ur cant b a role model like that ewww no!
    u get married to stevie j and he is!!! gonna do the same to u ,
    i rather have 4 queters then 100 pennies make a wise choice .
    yres she is pretty in a wierd way she got fake boobs so wat ,the ass idk about that but n.e-ways JOSELINE GET YA SHYT TOGETHA CUZ U MAKIN ALL LATINAS LOOK BAD!!! girl check ur self before u break urself u not even famouse yet stik to t.v.

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  12. Keep doin yo thang Joseline cause haters goin to hate anyway. U take beautiful pictures. girl Keep yo head up and you can fine a man a whole lot better than StevieJ cause u have a beautiful heart.

  13. I don’t understand who could be watching this show now and still be mad at Joseline? The Bi*** is bad regardless of her role as Stevie J’s sideline or whatever yall caliing her she got it. She got herself a bunch of haters which are actually motivators.. What type of relationship do yall really think him and MI MI had? She been getting played from day one, she just can’t let go of the di*k like Joseline so now she gone have to share. He makes it CLEAR that he is not a one woman type of guy and even after Joseline he will continue his quest, so why hate on her?

    • Joseline is so blind by love for Stevie that she don’t know the truth from his bullshit. I do like Joseline. she has had a messed up life and I can relate with her, I was on my own, I danced years ago because I was young and that was the best way to make money at the time. Life is very cruel when you are a female, young, and there is no one there to turn to. Stevie is just as at fault as Joseline is. She will learn, Stevie will do Joseline like he did MiMi , I it sucks to say that but he is a jerk and treats Joseline like shit, always throwing her past choices to dance all the time.

  14. Joseline I think your bad to the bone.I’m a felmale and theres nothing funny about me. You got it girl as mary J. sings “bad boys aint no good and good boys aint no fun”Live your life to the fullest have fun at being bad,My thoughts of you ,your a BAD GIRL……..

  15. Its Funny How Bitchess Comee All The Way To This Site To Hateee . -___- ????? STFU Get The Fuck Off Her Shitt If You Dont Have Nothing Positive Too Say Then Stfu Period . You Dont Know What She Been Through , BItches Talking Bout She Fucking For Money , BITCH You Prolly Fuck And Suck For Freee So Shut Yo Damn MOuth Fucking SIlly Ass Hoes And Niggas , IDGAF What She Doing She A Bad Ass Bitch Getting Money Wtf You Not Doingg Soo ( l ) << Kisss Her Asss And t-_-t Off .

  16. love you joseline you are a genuine person you own ur bad and good so let haters hate cuz at the end of the day u got everybody watching haters are the indicator that you doing something and is somebody they phased by you so let them talk crap, A lot of females talk crap about you being a ho they are hos cuz when a woman goes from man to man whether they are her boyfriends or not they still throwing pussy around and women on here talking about u suck dick a lot of females do whether its their boyfriend husband etc same thing so dont feel bad cuz a lot of the hater are ignorant hypocrites, they just dont have their buisness displayed in public . People need to stop judging and try to understand how it feels to be in someone else place because they never know if something happens to them that they get in that same predicament thats called karma. the thing with stevie j, your not a home wrecker he been messing with plenty of females before you and mimi knew it so anti’s get ur facts straight . keep your head up God bless

  17. I just wanna say everybody need to stop hatin on joseline. She cant help it cause she fine. And she dont owe mimi nothing stevie do. A man gonna be a man regardless. If it wasnt joseline it was going be somebody else. Yall got to be blind Im a women and she does not look like no man. She is fine go girl continue to do your thing and dont listen to these haters

  18. Josie you are a beautiful black sister. I admire you so much…your charisma…your energy..your confidence. Not too much of us black sisters have that because some of us are always too busy watching the other sister instead of complimenting and empowering one another. Its called Unity. We shall never have that if we keep talking about how the next succesful sister reached her plight. We give more props to the Kardashians and admire their thing for “black men” when we have beauty of our own such as you. As we say in Jamaica….”dem nah ready fi deh video light my girl!!!!walk out and mek dem drop down with deh green eye…jealousy soon blind dem.” Go Josie..go Josie!!!!Love you girl!Peace.

  19. First off thats what this site is for comments so get it right.And jhust because she dont have a dick between her legs dont mean she wasent a man before she became a woman.Suckers thats all i got to say i think what ever she is he or she that she is pretty but none of you really know her or what she really has done to people if half you people even knew what she has done before now you all wouldent want nothing to do with old girl trust that get that life.

  20. many haters joseline i love u fuk the others dats critizing u they just mad kuz u getn money n they aint joseline u really need to email me back pleeeaaaaasssee gt mre to say lol

  21. If you don’t like her then maybe you should stay off of her page! She didn’t set this site up for a whole bunch of negativity & insults… Get a life!
    I appreciate your genuine words & honesty. It don’t matter what people think of you, do you and be happy. You can do bad all by yourself & don’t need anybody pulling & putting you down! We as minorities got through that enough as it is…I can write a whole book but not enough time & space… Love you girl.


  23. I love the way you put photos of your self on here with out make up etc..just being you, it’s a nice change from the air brushed shit we get from celebs all the time… keep doing you :)

  24. baby u r beautiful, sexy as hell and fuk these bitches that wish they were in ur position!! keep doin wut u do and holla at me sometimes when u have a second 2 breathe i was in the club that night in this bumfuk eygipt town called americus ga loved the fact that u came but didnt get to take my pic with u!!:( my number is 229-939-0454 id love 2 talk 2 u. and to all you hataz remember whose on tv and whose sittin n front of it she gettin her paper with yall broke asses smooochies boo.

  25. Joseline I love your style. Girl you look amazing and don’t worry about haters. Most of them hating on you and they can’t even buy a piece of bubblgum.

  26. Good morning if people would mine there bis and let you live your this life you got to live your life for you and not people and just do you. There is only one man worth liveing for and that god he is the one that gives you all your blessings. So more power to you life is to short to listen to what people say. Love you girl and god bless you.

  27. So it’s ok for MeMe to jump on a new man, but J can’t work with what she got? If Meme would have taken care of her man then we wouldn’t be having this hating conversation…. A man wants a woman that’s not afraid to get hers… who else has J slept with on the show? Exactly!!!

  28. Stop Haten On Joseliine She’s Not That Bad…..She Doiin What She Got To Do && Her && Steviie Make A Cute Couple….

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