Joseline’s Story

Joseline-Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


Joseline Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, Florida, but she didn’t have a typical childhood.

By the age of 13, Joseline was living on the street and doing whatever it took to provide for her family. She eventually turned to the world of exotic dancing which opened Pandora’s box and led Joseline down a very dangerous path.

One day, fate intervened and Joseline met a producer by the name of Stevie J. while working at the strip club. The two of them instantly connected. Stevie J. became Joseline’s manager and immediately began working to launch her music career as a rapper and singer. Joseline put up her dancing shoes for good.

When Mona Scott-Young began casting “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” it was Stevie J. who insisted Joseline Hernandez be added to the cast and the rest is history.


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  1. joseline you are a real chic, u the only one on the show that i like cuz you keep it real u don’t bite your tongue for noboby, don’t let nobody try to put u down , u keep smiling and doing what u do this is god way of showing you that u are blessed in everyway.

  2. I don’t care what they say about you are real either you have your a bad ass chick ! You may have made one mistakes but who don’t remember what you sow, you reap. But Chica you a bad girl send a brother a autographed photo please…….

  3. I am not mad at you Joseline as a matter of fact I am worried about you . This dude Stevie J he is a scary disgusting human being and If I were you I would be strapped with a pistola at all times around him if comes at you shoot his Dick off. Look your honest and hungry so make it big do you but stop messing with that mess let the dumb bitch Mimi stay with that trash bag she stoopid.

  4. I like Joseline. Shes hot and females just be hating as usual. Thats what females do…they hate on us fly puerto rican girls.

  5. I agree, it appears that Joseline keeps it real with everyone she comes in contact with so far on the show (except for that K named girl who is working with Stevie J). However, Stevie is playing some serious mind games on both Mimi and Joseline. I don’t understand how both of these beautiful, mature, strong, independent black women are trippin over a sorry man such as Stevie J. I mean for real? All ladies, be on the look out for the Stevie J.’s of your area. Run away. Take it from a sista who has learned all to well.
    Joseline and all my black women, KNOW YOUR WORTH, and you will NEVER have to settle.

  6. She aint all that real when mimi and everyone asked her was she fucking stevie she said no then out of nowhere shes pregnant with his baby?.. and thats real? then to top it off trying to have the nerve to tell karie ray or whatever her name is she cant work with stevie unless she said so?.. but yet he still treat her like shit to her face and everyone else face lol… i guess its true what they say you cant turn a hoe into a house wife

    • That has been my point from the beginning! She didn’t keep it 100% & when does being rude as fuck make you real??? She lied about being with him & plus she claimed that she didn’t want nothing serious just with him to make money but now she’s begging him to marry her. He’s really making her look stupid! At least Mimi was smart enough to let him go. I don’t think Joseline will ever leave. Especially, after she knows that she handed him a stack of money & he took it straight to Mimi, plus she bought him a ring then he goes to buy Mimi one & include her on the “commitment” ceremony. She’s stupid & I actually think she’s a ok girl.

  7. Joseline is being used. I believe stevie is playing her because he knows that she believes that the only way she can make it is to sell her body. I feel bad for joseline, stevie J is a dog. He likes to try to use girls he finds in the strip club because he thinks their gullable. He played Eve, but Eve rose above him. BTW Eve is one of my favorite artist. He is your regular Industry Pimp. WAKE UP JOSELINE. If your good your good you dont need stevie old, all he tryna do is screw, broke down pimp wanna be self. MIMI STOP. YOU ARE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL. YOU CAN DO SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN STEVIE JAY. Also, I like Erica, but I think Scrappy and Shay have great chemistry. They have a friendship bond and that is important in any relationship. My only issue with that is, I think he should have told Erica that he had feelings for another woman. Its time for everyone to start keeping it real.

  8. Joseline,you are a very beautiful and talented,young lady.But,of course,I’m sure you know that!I don’t know you personally but,I love watching you on the show.You have beauty,drive,talent,motivation,charisma…You are your on destiny and,you are destined for greatness!Your future is in your hands and the ball is in your court!You are in the driver’s seat and you are in control…of yourself!I don’t know Stevie J personally and I don’t have any ill feelings about him.But from watching you and him on the show together,you and Stevie J have a real connection with each other!You and him are vividly exposed together all over the internet and,you look good together!Getting to the point,it appears that you and Stevie J are a “Hot Couple” and I hope he is sincere deep down!The show only shows the viewers what they want to be seen and,that is the real “JUICY”stuff that we love!But if Stevie J claims to love Mimi so much and wants to be a family with her and there baby…after 14 years of being with someone(although,there has been several others in between-the sheets)I wonder and I have to ask you,…Do you not think he may hurt you as he has done Mimi?Sure,I don’t know all of the details about this love triangle but I do know that a “Lady’s Man” is just that AND everything else under the sun!-Too many good women,strong women fall victim to handsome,powerful,wealth,strong men;players,ballers,moneymakers,”Lady’s Man”!Sometimes you have to put your feelings and emotions aside and,even toss them out of the window!Too many of us just settle,just becauseJoseline,your success depends on you,…not Stevie J.L O V E is not selfish,not hot and sometimes cold,not misleading,not a “LIAR”,not untrustworthy,not disappointing,not upsetting…Some people change but some are so caught up within themselves,they are just (what I call)necessary evil and will charm you,lure you into there world of chaos and bullshit and have you all fucked up!…I really think you have a successful future and I hope Stevie J is trully behind you every step of the way!

  9. I really get sick of the “they just hatin” response…people are not always hating at times they are telling you what you need to know when you are making an ass out of yourself. I like your “go get it” attitude Joseline but it is also flawed in regard to Stevie J. Though the world is seeing but a small segment of what is going on, no woman in the pursuit of money should ever lower her standards then pretend that she has high standards. Acknowledging his, Stevie J’s, wrongdoing then going along with it to get what you want is foolish, and what you receive is short lived. I will say you already know your popularity won’t last, in music the public is fickle and attention span short. “She’s keeping it 100″, all from the minds of immature individuals. You can say a lot and be saying a whole of lot of nothing, and you’ve done that successfully. You are in reality just another “pretty girl” with no integrity. I will really be happy for you when you really grow a spine, but that will take time for you to really learn to love you and not just the dollar dollar bill.

  10. fuck all the haters wanna be where you at.I caught the 1st episode & you been my bitch sence day 1.Congradulations bitch you deserve steavy j the best woman won

  11. Baddest bitch alive right nm ow love you and you got Swaggggg very sexy and classy but bad at the same time wish you the best in your career and from the virgin islands muah

  12. sweet poo on july 24, at 3:27 pm said : all u mutha fu….. that’s hating on joslene can kiss my ass cause she is tha baddis bitch I wish I was on stevie j’s bus a lot of yall on tha bus, tha train, and tha got dam plane for free at lease they getting crazy paid bitches

  13. Joseline is the only female I like on LHPATL. Everyone else is a bitch… forreal. Stop giving ya mans a hard time. Joseline is the only one that acts like a lady and is a bad bitch!! She might not dress classy, but it’s the way you act and carry ya self!! I love mimi too, but she talks, sit and act like a dude -__- I like erica too, but she sold scrappy’s ring!! Hold him down while he in jail bitch!! Therefore, Joseline the only one I like. Sidebitch? Mimi is the babymama okay? She ain’t the one living with stevie. RS.

  14. Joseline u r so beautiful and u can do very well on your own without THE PIMP STEVIE J girl so get yourself a better producer and a agent to rep you!!! check out cash money I think they would back u girl!!! u r a star and we love u !!! I know old pimp daddy got your mind not right right now but u need someone to rep u who really has your best interest at heart!!! your body is banging u need to ask playboy to shoot u girl wow u r the bomb girl!!! and I am a white girl but I think u r one bad ass real bitch and I mean that with the most respect girl!!!!

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